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  • Schrödinger’s legal sex

    Schrödinger’s legal sex

    The political environment for trans people in the UK in 2023 is profoundly unsettling. It has been fraught for quite a few years now, but things seem to be getting still worse, as an ever more authoritarian and brazenly corrupt Tory government panders to ever more emboldened transphobes. Trans and non-binary people in the UK… Read more

  • Betwixt solstice and perihelion

    Betwixt solstice and perihelion

    Funny how so many of us mark a (Gregorian) New Year as if it were something more than just its own anniversary! This year it fell just a little over 11 days after the solstice (21 December 2022 at 21:47), and just over three and a half days before the perihelion (4 January 2023 at… Read more

  • An unpost about a day when things went wrong

    Early this morning (before sleep) I published my last blog post (but set the wrong featured image). (It has had hardly any views – please read it!) Since I was up so late, I had very little sleep before my alarm. I then accidentally slept again until 12:30, which meant I wouldn’t be able to… Read more