The photographer’s error

Water with lily pads, and lots of other plants growing in it.
At the pond

I could get my phone out and take a picture. But I realised in that moment that looking at the photograph later would never conjure up the sense of being here.

Never again would I feel the same warmth of the sun on my face and body, or the same cooling breeze as its counterpart.

Never again would I hear the exact same birds singing and screeching as they flitted and glided around the margins of the pond.

Never again would I feel just so comfortably warm wrapped in just the right clothing and completely at peace.

The moment, alone with the natural world in all its beauty and diversity, is one to be treasured. I mustn’t think for one moment that a single visual impression is the experience.

And even this writing will never bring me close to being here again. Aphantasics don’t have that luxury.

So this is all I’m going to write.

I want to savour the moment in mindful awareness.

One response to “The photographer’s error”

  1. You write beautifully Anna. 🙂 Commenting so that I can subscribe to notifications. I am trying to educate myself and properly challenge all my binary programming.