• I’m still here

    This is only my second post of the 2020s, and we’re nearly five months in already! It’s another unpost, because I still haven’t quite worked out what I’m going to write about next. But I’ve asked for a little help with that from my Twitter followers! With less than four hours to go in a… Read more

  • Review of the decade

    This is an unpost. Unposts are now in their own category on the blog, so you can find them all easily. That’s a bit un-unposty, putting a link in there, but this is the first post of a new decade, so I feel able to bend the rules a little. Not too much, though! I… Read more

  • Scottish Autism conference 2019: a personal perspective

    My other post on Scottish Autism’s 2019 conference gives a blow-by-blow account of the conference as it happened, based on my live tweets. This post is more of a reflection on my own personal experience of the event, as a newly diagnosed autistic person attending a conference like this for the first time. When the… Read more

  • Scottish Autism conference 2019: as it happened

    Scottish Autism, a charity offering services, support and advocacy for autistic people across Scotland, held its 2019 annual conference in the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow, on 14 November. I was fortunate to be supported by generous Ko-fi crowdfunders to attend the conference and live-tweet the event. This post is based on what I tweeted on… Read more

  • An unpost from the liminal zone

    I have a few proper posts in various states of preparation, as well as several other outlines of posts that I want to share with you one day. But right now, my general state of existence precludes me from sitting down and writing anything that involves planning or concentration. So, in this liminal time (for… Read more

  • Yet more unpostiness

    Today isn’t the day for a post about trans speech therapy and singing, or about discovering that I’m autistic and how I got my diagnosis, or about any of a number of other topics that I’d like to write about when I’m in the right frame of mind. Nor, I’m afraid, is it a day… Read more

  • A dreich unpost

    The title reflects both the weather today (which came as a shock to me when I left my flat not that long ago) and my general mood of late. (I nearly wrote, for the benefit of non-Scots: ‘if you don’t know what dreich means, Google is your friend’. You can certainly use Google to find… Read more

  • Two years of shiny new hormones: a brief update

    It was 6 October 2017 when I stuck my first Evorel patch on my thigh and estradiol began seeping into my system. Patches, which irritated my skin, gave way to tiny foil sachets of Sandrena gel, and more recently I’ve been using an Oestrogel pump to squirt the cold, clear gel onto my legs every… Read more

  • A GRS quandary

    I haven’t really written about surgery before, except in passing, in a couple of unposts. Early this year, I had appointments with the two psychiatrists who were required to give opinions on my suitability for GRS. Both were happy that I met their criteria. Eventually, a referral was made to the private hospital in Brighton,… Read more