Category: Unposts

  • Yet more unpostiness

    Today isn’t the day for a post about trans speech therapy and singing, or about discovering that I’m autistic and how I got my diagnosis, or about any of a number of other topics that I’d like to write about when I’m in the right frame of mind. Nor, I’m afraid, is it a day… Read more

  • A dreich unpost

    The title reflects both the weather today (which came as a shock to me when I left my flat not that long ago) and my general mood of late. (I nearly wrote, for the benefit of non-Scots: ‘if you don’t know what dreich means, Google is your friend’. You can certainly use Google to find… Read more

  • Nothing in mind (an unpost)

    I have to write something. But I’ve been finding it so difficult to be interested in anything lately. Do you ever have times like that, when you go through all the things you normally like to do and just think nah! and end up doing nothing but not being happy with doing nothing either because… Read more

  • Festival unpost

    No, I’m not going to write about the Edinburgh International Festival (in which I have sung in two concerts this year, with two remaining). Nor am I going to write about the Fringe (which I’m not going to see anything of, though I would have liked to have seen Harry Josephine Giles’s Drone and Travis… Read more

  • Unsleep: an early morning unpost

    I say ‘early’. I realise that’s a relative term. But I’m starting to write this before getting up and having breakfast or doing anything else. (I’m sure I’ll take a break at some point.) Let me begin with the dream and see where that leads. There was a murder (mystery). There was splitting into twos… Read more

  • Unpost 10: decimal

    Ooh, the ratio! No, I’m not talking about the reply/retweet ratio considered indicative of bad takes on Twitter. Just that this is yet another ‘unpost’, pushing up the ratio of rambling to (I’d like to think) moderately focused posts here on my blog. Alternatively, pushing down the signal/noise ratio. Having typed this first paragraph (well,… Read more

  • unixpost (infix numeral edition)

    Still in the land of unposts. Life at the moment is too chaotic for me to bring you sense or structure. Bear with me, or go and read something interesting by someone else. Life is short. I won’t hold it against you. Poetry competition! Write me a poem that includes rhyming lines ending in Pilates… Read more

  • The eighth (8th) unpost

    I’m back, after a bit of a hiatus. I know it’s just another unpost, but February 2019 was my first whole calendar month without a single post since I began my blog. Yikes! (Isn’t ‘eighth’ a weirdly spelt word, by the way?) My last (un)post was the first written on my new laptop, and this… Read more

  • unpost vii no colon in title

    I’m back – I have a new laptop now. Woohoo! If you’re on Twitter, you might be aware that my old one died at the end of 2018, leaving me unable to write my blog in comfort – yes, I could have used my iPad, especially for an unpost, but it just felt like more… Read more