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  • Sunday Times publishes transphobic article

    Sunday Times publishes transphobic article

    Ok, that was a clickbaity headline. Sorry! Of course the Sunday Times has published a transphobic article: it does so every Sunday, and has done for a long time. (If you can find exceptions to this in the last couple of years, that would make for an interesting blog post in itself: what on earth… Read more

  • Five years of Pride

    Today, 8 August 2021, is the culmination of the week of the first Neuro Pride Ireland, fittingly ending on 8/8, which with a little imagination can be read as ∞/∞, the infinity sign being a symbol of the neurodiversity movement. (Also 8/8 = 1, and we come together as one.) But as important as Neuro… Read more

  • The longest journey

    I’ve taken a long time to get to where I am, and I’m still not where I want to be. I suppose that’s what makes life worth living: if any of us had got to where we wanted to be (really and truly), what would there be left for us to do? Now, I know… Read more