Two years of shiny new hormones: a brief update

It was 6 October 2017 when I stuck my first Evorel patch on my thigh and estradiol began seeping into my system. Patches, which irritated my skin, gave way to tiny foil sachets of Sandrena gel, and more recently I’ve been using an Oestrogel pump to squirt the cold, clear gel onto my legs every… Continue reading Two years of shiny new hormones: a brief update

Half a year of new hormones

An estradiol molecule – full of oestrogenic goodness It’s been more or less exactly half a year since I switched from testosterone to estradiol as my sex hormone of choice. Thanks to seven injections (so far) of triptorelin acetate, my body’s natural inclination to produce testosterone has been severely curtailed. And courtesy of daily gel… Continue reading Half a year of new hormones

Throwing off the shackles of masculinity

Corporate rainbow-washing in a local bank window A sudden sense of liberation. I was just walking along the street on my way back from buying bread in a local deli when I became aware of it. I don’t know whether the sensation was hormone-related (I’ve been on HRT a little over four months) or just… Continue reading Throwing off the shackles of masculinity

Another month on HRT (a whole third of a year!)

So many things I should be doing. Stuff just seems to keep coming at me – even though I’m not working at the moment. Since I ought to have tons of free time, I thought it would be easy to write a little blog series on GRA reforms. But all that legal stuff is so… Continue reading Another month on HRT (a whole third of a year!)

Three months on HRT

Do a quick search on the web using your favourite search engine, and you’ll find lots of trans women (and trans men and non-binary people too) sharing their experiences of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Some give a blow-by-blow account of every tiny change they perceive from day to day, while others take a longer, more… Continue reading Three months on HRT