I’m still here

This is only my second post of the 2020s, and we’re nearly five months in already! It’s another unpost, because I still haven’t quite worked out what I’m going to write about next. But I’ve asked for a little help with that from my Twitter followers! With less than four hours to go in a poll of possible topics, 2.1% (!) of my followers have so far let me know what they’d like to see (but you’ll have to vote if you want to see how the poll’s going!).

Fourth tweet in a thread from Anna Nicholson (@transponderings): ‘So what should I write about next? (I reserve the right to ignore the poll results, especially if someone comes up with a good suggestion I haven’t thought of). You have 24 hours.’ Poll options: autism diagnosis, genital reconstruction, trans singing voice, something else.

I thought I’d just limber up my fingers on my laptop keyboard and practice putting a few longer-than-tweet-length sentences together before setting out to produce a proper post.

There are reasons I’d like to write about all of the above (and I have plenty of ideas – perhaps too many – for other things I’d like to write about).

I got my autism diagnosis last July – getting on for a year ago now – and I still haven’t written about that experience (or my failed attempts at getting a diagnosis prior to that). I didn’t want to rush in and write something as a relative newcomer to the autistic community (though I’d been lurking, somewhat imposterishly, for a while before I was officially declared autistic). But there are things I could say at this point – about autism, neurodiversity, and other kinds of neurodivergence like ADHD (for which I’d still like to be properly assessed).

The topic of genital reconstruction surgery (GRS) is something I thought I’d blog about live (my surgery was on 3 March, conveniently for me just before Covid-19 lockdown brought everything to a halt). But that didn’t happen, unless you count the tweets on the alternative Twitter account I set up for the purpose. In fact, if I do produce a post about GRS, it will probably be largely based on those tweets. I found it useful to read other people’s accounts of GRS before I went for surgery, and since every surgeon is different and every person’s experience is unique, it surely wouldn’t do any harm to add my own personal reflections to the trans blogosphere. (Am I allowed to say blogosphere or does that sound too self-consciously twee nowadays?)

The other option I mentioned in the poll is the trans singing voice (and the speaking voice will surely get a mention too, since I’ve been through speech and language therapy as part of my medicalised transition). I’ve had this in mind for the longest of the three topics, and it requires a bit of research, which is why I’ve kept putting it off. There might even be a couple of posts, approaching the topic from very different angles. We’ll see.

Anyway, I hope I’ll get to write about all these things and more in due course, but I just needed some kind of incentive to get started. My brain really needs a good kick to get going sometimes! I promised the first post by the end of the month, so I’ll see you back here again soon, I hope.