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  • Betwixt solstice and perihelion

    Betwixt solstice and perihelion

    Funny how so many of us mark a (Gregorian) New Year as if it were something more than just its own anniversary! This year it fell just a little over 11 days after the solstice (21 December 2022 at 21:47), and just over three and a half days before the perihelion (4 January 2023 at… Read more

  • An unpost about a day when things went wrong

    Early this morning (before sleep) I published my last blog post (but set the wrong featured image). (It has had hardly any views – please read it!) Since I was up so late, I had very little sleep before my alarm. I then accidentally slept again until 12:30, which meant I wouldn’t be able to… Read more

  • In a liminal state of mind

    In a liminal state of mind

    Vianne Rocher, in Joanne Harris’s magical-realist novel Chocolat, is fated never to settle for long in one place, always moving on with her daughter (and her mother’s ashes) when the North Wind tells her it’s time to go. That seemingly inevitable pull of a new beginning is something I can relate to all too easily. Read more

  • Self-preservation


    My blog is a little tired, so I hope to refresh it soon with better organisation, a new look (using WordPress’s Full Site Editing) and perhaps a more regular content schedule (but that’s probably just wishful thinking!). I’m also a little tired, so I’m coming back to the unpost format, to dump some fairly disorganised… Read more

  • Lonely and bored

    Well it was either that or stay on Twitter and be anxious and depressed instead. I decided to take a few days off Twitter, and here I am just before bedtime, writing an unpost. I’m going to try and be even more stream-of-consciousness than usual, by dictating this to my phone and hoping it comes… Read more

  • Add title (an unpost)

    You can tell that I can’t be bothered to choose a catchy title for this unpost: since WordPress prompts with the text ‘Add title’, that seemed like as good a start as any to me. It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. (I’ve actually written a ‘proper’ blog post recently, but it’s… Read more

  • I’m still here

    This is only my second post of the 2020s, and we’re nearly five months in already! It’s another unpost, because I still haven’t quite worked out what I’m going to write about next. But I’ve asked for a little help with that from my Twitter followers! With less than four hours to go in a… Read more

  • Review of the decade

    This is an unpost. Unposts are now in their own category on the blog, so you can find them all easily. That’s a bit un-unposty, putting a link in there, but this is the first post of a new decade, so I feel able to bend the rules a little. Not too much, though! I… Read more

  • An unpost from the liminal zone

    I have a few proper posts in various states of preparation, as well as several other outlines of posts that I want to share with you one day. But right now, my general state of existence precludes me from sitting down and writing anything that involves planning or concentration. So, in this liminal time (for… Read more