GRA reform in Scotland – overview

Scottish trans pride

The UK’s Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA) was introduced in response to a 2002 European Court of Human Rights ruling against the UK (Christine Goodwin v. the United Kingdom). It legislated against some practices that were seen as potentially discriminatory against trans people.

On 9 November 2017, the Scottish government launched a consultation (open until 1 March 2018) seeking ‘views on whether and how the Gender Recognition Act 2004 should be amended in relation to the law in Scotland’.

I am in the process of responding to the consultation, and I hope you will respond too if you live in Scotland. I have attempted to navigate the 182-page consultation document and produced a short series of posts explaining what’s in it (as far I possibly can!) while building up my personal response in the process.

My posts follow these parts of the consultation document (which, unhelpfully, has no printed page numbers):

The response itself can be submitted online or using the forms in Annexes A and B (pp54–69; also available in Microsoft Word format: Annex A; Annex B). There are a number of further informational annexes, which I refer to occasionally.

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