A little about me

I hate trying to encapsulate who I am. There, you know something about me already! Even in my Twitter bio, whenever I’ve tried to pin down what kind of interests I have or what I’m likely to tweet about, I’ve never been able to live up to my self-description for long.

One thing I am is a perfectionist. So although I’ve intended to start a blog for several years (!), I’ve put it off for all kinds of technical reasons. This is not a perfect blog. And this page is not a perfect introduction to who I am, but it will have to do for now.

Another thing you should know (well, that’s putting it a bit strongly, perhaps) is that I love studying and have spent more time in full-time education than doing anything else – though I have also been an electronic engineer, a software engineer, a technical writer and a copy-editor. I’m currently on a break, for mental health and family reasons, from a PhD in linguistics looking at aspects of Gaelic syntax.

Finally, I’ve been married for twenty years (though won’t be for much longer). We have a teenage son and two cats. I came out as trans in 2016.