An unpost about a day when things went wrong

Early this morning (before sleep) I published my last blog post (but set the wrong featured image). (It has had hardly any views – please read it!)

Since I was up so late, I had very little sleep before my alarm.

I then accidentally slept again until 12:30, which meant I wouldn’t be able to make it to an appointment I had at the local autism one-stop shop at 13:00.

I texted the person to apologise, but was so frustrated and screaming and hitting/tap-stimming on myself that I couldn’t put coherent thoughts together.

I scraped my leg on the bed.

Then I let time slip past before getting ready to go out to an appointment with my optician (originally, I’d have had at least two hours to kill in town between appointments).

So I only had time for a quarter of a cup of coffee and a small portion of muesli before I had to leave.

I tired myself out running to make the bus.

Then I saw the bus leaving (a minute early) as I waved to the driver to wait.

So I had to get the bus behind it, taking a slightly less useful route. (It waited for a minute before leaving.)

It was busy (and no one was wearing a mask).

The bus was running a little late and then turned out to take a diverted (and even less useful) route, so it didn’t go where I expected at all. And I didn’t notice until quite late.

I had to run/fast-walk again.

I got to the optician just a few minutes late, only to discover my optician was off with covid.

I had a freak-out there as I was offered the choice of rebooking or seeing a stand-in optician.

I opted for rebooking.

As I left, I saw I’d just missed a bus home.

I walked down the hill a little, went into a shop for a few things (no masks there), and got the next bus (also crowded, one other person wearing mask – a cloth one).

Got home and drank my cold cup of coffee.

Got an email saying that some matt graphite pencils I’d ordered weren’t in stock, but they were sending me the (now useless) fixative anyway (at the same postage cost).

Oh, and about 20 or 30 tabs on my phone’s web browser have disappeared. (Not for the first time.)

I’ve got a feeling I’ve forgotten some other things too.

(At least I had a lovely chat by text with a friend this evening, to balance out the rest of my day.)